Express yourself and earn cash too!

We Pay for what people Say!

Order a Z-shirt with your own words; 
or add words to our list of"Fill-in-the-blanks" Z-shirts.  
If your Z-shirt is selected as a "Featured Z-shirt 
and sells a minimum of 10 shirts,  
you'll receive $1* royalty on every Z-shirt... forever! 
And we'll double your royalty for sales during the featured period.**

If you have some nifty words or phrase 

that you think others would like to wear?  

And you don't have the cash to purchase a Z-shirt right now?  

Send the words to us and if they sell, 

you get the same deal as if you bought one!

* 5% of the selling price to a maximum of $1, paid quarterly.     ** maximum 3 month.

 "Hail to teaZe shirts, for Zshirts rule the T's®"
TeaZe shirts LLC - All Rights Reserve

"Hail to teaZe shirts, 

for Z's® rule the T's

TeaZe shirts LLC All rights reserved